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The difference between a birthday party and a local performance is birthday party musical stories will vary according to the age of the child being celebrated.  The stories are mostly music and are meant to generate physical interaction so an area with space for them to move is ideal...  Including  songs from my first two albums which were aimed at Early Childhood gross motor development, has proven to be a great way to tell a "moving" story. ba dom bum.  All Stories include songs from all three albums, along with some classics that are familiar and hold attention. 

To book Renee for your child's celebration email her with the following information.  

1. Name and age of child being celebrated 

2. Number of children expected to be in attendance. 

3. Rough size of performance space (pic if possible)

4. Address (after paying your deposit a birthday party package will be sent to you for your child to familiarize themselves with the content)

5. Pick a story!  descriptions above, please indicate which story you'd like for your party, every story includes songs from Renee's 3 CD's as well as standard children's classics such as twinkle twinkle little Star, and 5 little ducks. 

Email Birthday Party Inquires Here. 

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